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When President Danny Faure and his delegation toured the premises of the Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) in Nairobi earlier this month as part of his State visit to the East African nation, they ventured into the chartered territory of Seychelles’ history.


If London is widely viewed as the birthplace of Seychelles’ independence struggle (it was in the British capital that President René conceived this idea and then formed the Party, SPUP, that led this struggle), then Nairobi is the cradle of this movement. It was at KMC that the organizer-in-chief of the struggle for independence, the late Guy Sinon, cut his teeth on organizational skills that were pivotal to the success of the struggle for independence.
Sinon acquired these essential skills by making his way up in the trade union organisation in KMC. Employed as an electrician there, he was elected first as shop steward by his Kenyan colleagues then later as head of the union branch there.
As he fought for the welfare of his fellow African workers, Sinon was acquiring negotiating and organizational skills that he later applied to the political scene in Seychelles, contributing to reshaping it beyond recognition.
He helped the Kenyans who in turn helped his motherland. KMC and Kenyans played a critical role in the political destiny of Seychelles.