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Words are out that the SNP faction in the LDS alliance is largely dissatisfied with the state of affairs in the opposition.

The problem of its leaders appears to be the lack of control that they presently have over the destiny of the opposition in the country. Despite leading the strongest political party in that coalition, they do not have the final say as to how the opposition will pursue its political course until the next Presidential Election, which is scheduled for 2020. They are not used to be in such unpredictable positions.  They want to change that around.
This is exactly why earlier this year in an interview with a newspaper, Roger Mancienne, who is considered the political anchor of SNP and also the leader of LDS, declared that his main mission this year will be to get the alliance to become one single political entity instead of an amalgamation of various political tendencies.
But last week he must have experienced the first set-back in that effort. In a meeting organized by the office of the Electoral Commission on electoral reforms, all the political forces that make up the LDS alliance sent their representatives.  The message was clear. None of them intends to renounce their individual political existence for any reason whatsoever.
But why is SNP so bent on forcing them to become one? There can be only one explanation.  The Seychelles National Party (SNP) is trying its old trick again. Roger Mancienne and the other big shots in SNP want to eliminate the political challenge within the LDS umbrella and bring this political alliance under their total control.
It is simply an attempt to repeat what they did in the late 90’s to the, Seychelles National Movement (SNM), the National Alliance Party (NAP) and in 2007 to the Democratic Party. They were invited, courted and even pressurized to become one with SNP and the rest is history. In the space of barely one year, the leaders of all those three political groups faded into political oblivion and left the playing field only to Wavel Ramkalawan and his SNP entourage.
According to a source close to Arpent Vert, at this present trajectory, Pat Pillay, the leader of Lalyans Seselwa is SNP’s main worry. He commands a sizeable chunk of the LDS coalition which is capable of defining the future of politics in the whole opposition camp.  He can tip the political balance one way or the other and also determine the overall future of SNP. But they do have a plan for him.
According to that same source, even if Pat Pillay agrees with the idea of turning  LDS into  a single political entity to replace the  alliance, he will never be allowed to become its leader. Such a privilege will always be reserved for someone within the SNP fold and very likely, Wavel Ramkalawan.
They did not fight the system for over 25 years only to hand-over the reign of the opposition to Pat Pillay. No Way!  But he will be tolerated as one of the key figures within that new set-up, only for a period of time. SNP needs Pat Pillay to go into the next Presidential Election and therefore would do nothing to upset him before such an event takes place. Once the election is over and if LDS manages to win it as a single political party, it is only then that things will start to change for Pat Pillay.
He will be under the control of Wavel Ramkalawan and will no longer have a political party of his own. By then, he will be too old to even think about opening up a new one anyway.  In other words, he will be politically hand-cuffed. This is the sort of thinking presently going on around Pat Pillay at the moment.
The guys at Arpent Vert are having sleepless nights trying to figure out how to eliminate the threat and discomfort Pillay and his Lalyans Seselwa crew represent for them.  But the man himself is said to have some knowledge of the things being cooked up behind his back. That being the case, he surely cannot fail to remember the story of the scorpion which wanted to cross the river on the back of a frog.  But where does he go from there?