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Elections in Seychelles have always been spread over more than one day, because polling has to be carried out on over two dozen outer islands which are inhabited. We cannot disenfranchise any Seychellois, residing on Seychelles soil.

For such purposes, Aircraft from Air Seychelles and the Seychelles Islands Company (IDC) are used and polling is held in a very transparent manner, in the presence of agents of all political parties and candidates as well as election observers.
This “lengthy process” as “Today in Seychelles” calls it  does not open the door  to discrepancies  in the number of valid votes.
On the main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, voting and counting has always been held on the main polling day.

Polling and vote counting in Mauritius, takes two days.

The lies of “Today in Seychelles”
“Today in Seychelles”, which has a Mauritian Editor-in-Chief tries to compare Seychelles with Mauritius, which has a population of 1.2 million and manages to vote in one day.
This is absolutely incorrect.  Besides mainland Mauritius, which has 20 electoral areas, the other island involved is Rodrigues, which also votes on the same day.
However, after voting has closed down in both Mauritius and Rodrigues at 7pm, the ballot boxes are taken to counting centres, where they remain under armed guard until the next day, when counting starts.
This could open the door to malpractices.
In Seychelles, vote counting starts immediately after polling on the main polling day on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.
 In the morning, the names of everyone who having voted in the “special  stations” are read out in all polling stations and their names are struck off the Voters’ Register  by both electoral officers and political agents.
In the last election- December 2014- held in Mauritius, the names of many people appeared twice on the electoral roll.   This was particularly the case for women who have married. Their maiden and married names both appeared simultaneously.
Polling has always been more transparent in Seychelles than Mauritius.

In USA voting and counting takes place over several months!

In the USA, voting begins days, even weeks before the“ first Tuesday in month of November every four years”, as “Today” writes.
This only applies to mainland USA.
It does not state however that American citizens residing in US territories abroad ; such as US Virgin Islands,  Samoa, Guam , Hawaii  as well as servicemen on bases in Japan, Philippines, Guantanamo  Bay Europe and closer home, on Diego Garcia send their postal votes away ahead.
As for counting, it takes several days, before a clear winner emerges.
In last November’s balloting, votes were being counted as late as February 2017, when Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton scored over 3 million votes more than Donald Trump and still lost.
We are sorry, but we do not have anything to learn from these countries’ best practices.