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Susbscribe to People

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Land Transport division for a job well done for the new road from Anse Etoile, leading on the outskirts of Perseverance up to the junction at English River.

With the bridge near the Espace building almost ready, it will be an added boost to help alleviate traffic jam in this part of the island. The road is wide and well demarcated.
However, we need to focus attention to the Perseverance school nearby as now some traffic will divert into the Perseverance Road leading to the houses and that may cause some hazards to these children on their way to or after school.
I have also noticed how the pine trees (sed) alongside the roads especially in the village and opposite the supermarket has become a hiding place for drug addicts and I believe that this is a danger for residents and shoppers. These trees should be cut down and be replaced by a proper playing field or facilities that will make a difference in Perseverance.
Government has always worked to benefit the people although some of us rather than see that, we complain or insist on waiting for changes from the opposition. The only change Seychellois will be getting from the opposition is a change from having everything to losing everything.
I would encourage everyone, especially the residents of Perseverance to notice the big and positive changes that this government has brought into your lives. A house is everything. A government that cares enough to protect and look after your wellbeing should be respected and valued. It should not be stomped upon.
Again, thank you for the ongoing projects taking place in our country and hopefully the reduced budget by the LDS will not affect new capital projects that are aimed at improving our lives.
I would take this opportunity to call on former President René and Michel to always feel proud of what they have contributed for the success of this country. Me Rene gave his life to change this country and enabled every Seychellois irrespective of their race and religion, to get equal opportunity to social justice, housing, education, health and employment.
President Michel has worked hard and sacrificed his life too to up these opportunities especially after he had to be audacious to tear down the economy and rebuilt it to prevent that our economy collapsed as was happening to other economies around the world. He has done so much for so many people that it is sad how instead of getting the appreciation he deserves, he gets abomination inspired by a few. Luckily the majority of the people are grateful. Mr Michel will get what he is worth, as for the few, they will also get what they deserve. Patience is the mother of all virtues.
President Faure has earmarked his areas of work such as eradicating what others describe as poverty, the drug scourge, prostitution, and other social ills. At the same time he will continue on the work of his predecessors. Seychellois needs Parti Lepep and its leaders. If they are not realizing that now, they will one day.

Thank you for publishing my letter.
P. Payet